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Mobility Scooters

We offer a wide range of new and reconditioned mobility scooter. Mobility scooters can help you, somebody you care for or a family member, to become more mobile if you find it difficult to walk for long periods of time. If you live with limited mobility or conditions which affect you ability to walk unaided. Then this is a good time to consider getting a mobility scooter or another mobility aid. Our mobility scooters help you to get about in comfort, including folding scooters to fit in a car boot, which are very easy to dismantle for easy transportation to larger scooters for people who use them all the time and don’t have access to another means of transport.


Green Power Scooters

We offer the ZT4 electric mobility scooter. This is a class 3 mobility scooter. This can be driven on the road and pavements, as it is both road and footpath legal. The

ZT4 has excellent features, including reaching speeds of 8MPH and a 45 mile range on a single charge. The scooter has a weight capacity of 37 stone, with front and rear suspension, and is also alarmed.


Servicing and repairs

We stock scooters from various manufacturers and our own Green power scooters. We have scooters to suit everyone’s needs and price range. With services and repairs, available including punctures repairs to new tyres. Our experienced engineer will be more than willing to help you with all your scooter needs.

Daily Living Aids


Within our shop we have a wide range of daily living aids. To help you regain your independence without feeling like a burden on the people that helps you. We stock items for all your kitchen, dining, bedroom and bathroom needs.

We stock a range of products from rollators to walking sticks. You can also count on us for a wide range of incontinence products such as Kylie sheets and incontinence pads for female and males. To supports for sports injuries and arthritic

problems. For high quality daily living aids, visit our store today.



As people live longer, and enjoy living every aspect of their lives. Without having to move home. There is no need to have to put up with difficulty with stairs to hamper your lifestyle. A stairlift gives you the independence to move freely up and down the stairs in your home.

·•    Easy to control.

·•    Swivel seat, so easy to get on and off.

•   Slim fitting lifts, ensuring stairs can still be used.

•    12 month warranty on every model.



Just like mobility scooters, power chairs are easy to use, giving you the independence you need. Whether it is a compact, folding or indoor/outdoor chair that is right for you.

·     Adapted to your individual requirements.

·     Some can be taken apart to fit in a car boot, so easy to transport if needed.

·     From 4 mph speed

·     6 miles plus range

We offer awide range of manual wheelchairs with aluminium or steel frames.

·     Self propelled and attendant

·     Easy to transport

·     Wide variety of models

Scooter or Wheelchair Rental


You can also rent scooters and wheelchairs from us. Whether it be for a day out, weekend away to long term hire. Rentals from £45 for 4 weeks.

Give us a call or pop in store to discuss your options.


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